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The pistachios are Roasted and Salted and sealed in large air and water-tight plastic bags (10kg/bag).


- Bulk orders 100kg and less the plastic bag is packed into a Karoo Pistachio Box.


- Bulk orders above 100kg, the plastic bag is packed 5 each into a White Polyprop Bag


Karoo Pistachio Box Dimensions are H:400mm W:325mm D:200mm.


Bulk Pistachios 10kg (In-Shell, Roasted and Salted)

1 Kilogram
  • The following bulk discount will be applied to your purchase at Checkout. All prices are VAT inclusive.

    1. 10kg - 40kg = R264.5/kg
    2. 50kg - 100kg = R251.85/kg
    3. 100kg - 500kg = R240.35/kg
    4. 500kg - 1000kg = 229.43/kg
    5. > 1000kg = R218/kg
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