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We pride ourselves in growing the sought-after Karoo Pistachio.

For the discerning connoisseur with a refined palette and appreciation of the finer things in life.

Our unique pistachio varieties thrive in the ancient and arid conditions of the KAROO, producing a pistachio nut richer in taste than those grown elsewhere.

A pistachio nut of excellent taste, beautiful color, and great size.

We call it the DESERT EMERALD.

The pistachio nut tree was established in the KAROO in the 1990’s, an area which relate a lot to the Middle-Eastern desert-like climate, where they flourish in severely hot summers and extremely cold winters.

The tree, which is hardy and small in stature, needs well drained soil with plenty of sun and water from the Orange river, which we are grateful to live on the banks of.

We grow two fine varieties: the Ariyeh and the Shufrah.

With their unique fresh green and plum colouring, they provide a wonderful sensory experience with its unique flavour and texture.

Our pistachio nuts are a great source of protein, healthy fats, fibre, antioxidants and are also rich in Vitamin B and Melatonin - the perfect food for the health-conscious consumer.

We can’t wait to share our beautiful product with you!




We invite all bulk buyers, online shops, corporate gifting, health shops, pharmacies, deli’s, farm stalls, restaurants, chefs, cooks etc..

Please contact us at to get access to our online ordering platform.



As our operations are remotely located, and the cost of delivery is prohibitively high, we encourage direct consumers to support our retailers. Click on the button to find the outlet nearest to you, or email us at (We only sell 1kg pouches from the farm)

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